Extremely Puke & Incredibly Snot CD

Extremely Puke & Incredibly Snot CD


The latest in a series of extremely annoying Puke & Snot albums is now available at the P & S store on the web site and at festivals where the boys are performing.

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Recorded at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in front of a live audience, much like yourselves, this fast-moving, one-hour-plus CD contains the latest and best of the longest running and most successful festival act in history, including "Puke & The Beanstalk," "The Clopper Caper" "Electile Dysfunction," and nine more tracks guaranteed to put you asleep at the wheel right there in your driveway. Features John Gamoke as Snot in his first ever recorded performance.

EXTREMELY PUKE & INCREDIBLY SNOT could very well end up a collector's item. Get it now. Start collecting.