The First Book, 2009

The First Book, 2009


A Life on the Dirt Circuit

Here it is, the winner of the Best Book in the Humor Category at the Midwest Independent Publisher’s Book Award Show in 2009. Puke’s first book, with his second soon to appear on this site and at the festivals where he appears.

Mark is the co-creator of the Renaissance Vaudeville team Puke & Snot, the longest-running two-man comedy duo in the country and a headline show at festivals and comedy clubs throughout North America since 1974.

Buy a copy here, and it will arrive autographed by the author. Oh yeah, with a Foreword by Teller.


Check out the following reviews. Really, these are real people. We didn’t pay them...

I loved this book! Mark is a wonderful writer and storyteller. I found it fascinating, charming, insightful, touching and... oh yeah, absolutely hilarious! I loved the stories of the wacky early years of the Renaissance Festivals and how the wonderful comedy duo of Puke & Snot came to be. But Mark also let's us in on where he came from and what inspired him, from baseball to teaching to acting to tights. And his tribute to his partner Joe is both delightful and very moving. A great great read! 
--S. Scott

OK, I'll admit, I was skeptical. How could an admittedly terrific RenFest entertainer put together a well thought out sentence, much less a book? I mean I love Puke N Snot, they're a legendary act that pretty much defines the Minnesota Renaissance Festival as we know it. But can Puke WRITE? The answer is a resounding and just a titch startling yes.

Behind all the pomp and circumstance of Puke `The Act', is a very good story teller, making this an easy though not fluffy read. Seamless segues from Mark's `beginnings' to Puke N Snot's `beginnings', keep you engaged so you are not tempted to skip forward just to get to the Renaissance `good stuff'. And believe me, there is good stuff! Mark's been-there-done-that with regard to this `dirt circuit'. He name drops with the best of them without sounding snobby. He sheds light on the drama both on stage and backstage. Just as there are chills, thrills and action during a performance, so are there in this book. It's a wonderful glimpse into a weird world, and even if you don't aspire to be a part of it (as I don't), Mark transmits an infectious enthusiasm that makes me appreciate it more than I believed I could. Kudos. 
-- D. Bridenstine

You don't have to be a renaissance festival junkie, or a fan of vaudeville humor, to enjoy this wonderful light read!! With stories recounting the life of "Puke and Snot", Mark takes you on short little trips to the "underworld" of the renaissance festival circuit, pays a tribute to his long time comedy stage partner, Joe Kudla with warmth and sincerity, and relives growing up in Minnesota with fun tales written in the same style he talks. Think Garrison Keillor meets Abbot and Costello. It was a fun book for me on a late summer weekend. I hope Mark decides to write more. I'm sure there are more tales to tell. 
-- K. Miskovic

Mark Sieve has crafted a marvelous, unselfish memoir that will delight anyone who has ever attended and enjoyed a Renaissance Festival or its ilk; especially those who have had the pleasure of attending a Puke & Snot show. Part tribute to late comedy partner Joe Kudla, and nicely spiced with photos, this is an affirmation that comedy is nothing to laugh at and dues must be paid.
-- A. Juda