Joe Kudla

Joe Kudla (aka Thomas Snot).jpg

The Original Snot

It's been ten years since this guy took early retirement, it’s remarkable the number of people who continue to tell me every festival day how much they miss his presence on the planet. The ingenious comedy work he did over thirty-four years still inspires applause and happy crowds. Once in awhile I pop in a DVD or I’ll click on a YouTube sketch from those days and without fail I laugh out loud watching the original Snot do his thing, truly one of the funniest physical actors I ever met or had the honor to share a stage with. He left a large empty space when he left. The show got lucky when John agreed to step in, and now Scott is continuing the madness. John and Scott are uniquely their own Snots, they bring the laughs and audiences are still getting their money’s worth. For the ten years John did the show, someone would invariably walk up to John and tell him he had big shoes to fill. John would always respond with "Not to mention pants." Perfect.